Our Team: Harold Peeples

Harold Peeples


As the owner and CEO of Tarheel Contractors Supply, Harold Peeples brings 40 years of management expertise, industry knowledge and team-building savvy to make TCS top-rated in its field. By providing wise direction, Harold continually strives to coordinate the talents of his team to create an efficient and effective company. Energetic and focused, Harold has built a reputation of trust and value for every customer and employee. His experience with large corporations since 1972, combined with sound financial judgment has gifted TCS with a 15.4% annual growth rate. Under Harold’s leadership, TCS has morphed from seven to 21 employees working in two locations, delivering exceptional service to their customers. “If it is humanly possible, I will provide the customer what they need, when they need it, where they need it at a fair value.”

On weekends, Harold likes to golf, fish, cook and enjoy time with family and friends.