Our Team: Michael Casey

Michael Casey


Take a multi-faceted skill set, combine it with out-of-the-box thinking, add experience and training and you have Michael Casey. A 15 year veteran at the company, Michael’s previous job as a machinist and CNC programmer gave him a technical edge, and his work in sales gave him deep product knowledge. All this serves him well in his present job description — which includes almost everything. A driven problem solver, Michael may spend a typical day confirming schedules, ordering inventory, and offering technical field support. And that’s just his desk job. He also meets with vendors, delivers products, assists staff members and organizes the facility for optimum performance. Analytical to the core, Michael also enjoys refining company strategy, evaluating financials and considering ways to improve customer service. Michael is grateful for the mentorship he has received from company owner and CEO Harold Peeples, and he feels lucky to have a career that he loves.

When he’s not at work, Michael Casey likes to do something different — like relax. His other interests include watching documentaries, spending time with family, experimenting with gadgets and enjoying outdoor sports.