HDD Supplies in Tennessee

Tennessee boring contractors across the state trust us to deliver horizontal directional drilling supplies on time. Operating our own fleet of trucks gives us maximum control over our delivery schedules. Same day and next day deliveries to Tennessee are routine on stocked products.

Our presence is growing in Tennessee, and we have recently opened a small service location in Murfreesboro. This is a smaller operation than our headquarters, but it still supplies pipe, tooling, Bentonite, and more. We have developed a reputation as the fastest and most reliable supplier in Tennessee for the horizontal directional drilling industry.

Tarheel is a proud distributor of Melfred Borzall tooling equipment in Tennessee. Melfred Borzall is the original directional drilling tool manufacturer, so we’re proud to be an authorized seller in the state.

Your Rep

Unloading At Your Jobsite

No way to unload? No dock? No problem.

Tarheel’s fleet of trucks and delivery equipment can unload even if you have no equipment onsite! We can even bring a forklift to unload your mud in a fraction of the time, and save valuable man hours. We have all bases covered.