Working in outside sales, Sarah Stoner provides HDD supplies, expert advice and optimum customer service with the perfect balance of book learning and experience. Her degree in environmental science with a concentration in water hydrology and soil science offers her clients a solid knowledge of the basics. Her ten-year experience in construction sales combined with her personable professionalism assures customers that when they work with Sarah, she will fill their orders in a timely, responsible manner. Developing good customer relationships is a top priority for Sarah–and it shows. Detail-oriented and organized, Sarah is also a valued team member at TCS. Sarah is friendly and approachable, as well as open-minded and willing to learn something new.

When Sarah’s not working hard to make her customers successful, you might find her working around her farm — riding her horse or feeding the goats, chickens and pigs.

Ashley has been at TCS since 2006. Adaptable and efficient, he has held most of the jobs at the company before moving into his present sales position. In addition to offering great customer service on the phone or in person, Ashley handles orders, purchases inventory and helps with internal company branding and planning. Seeing the entire complex picture, Ashley successfully balances daily company needs while never losing sight of exceptional client and employee assistance. Customers rely on Ashley’s dedicated, professional help and product knowledge. They know he will execute their orders responsibly, follow up when needed, and always look out for their best interests.

Ashley has a music degree and in his free time, he plays in multiple bands. On weekends, he likes to cook and hang out with his family.

Garrett Ward is a passionate and persistent member of the sales team at TCS. With thirteen years of sales experience, Garrett has proved himself successful, meeting potential customers and also connecting with existing TCS clients. In addition to sales experience, Garrett gained hands-on knowledge as a drill operator / locator in his previous job. Being a motivated self-starter is a great asset to Garrett’s schedule, since every workday is different. Whether he is taking orders, managing a busy delivery schedule or handling a phone call, Garrett brings a welcome sense of willingness to the entire team. Both his customers and coworkers appreciate Garrett’s easy going personality and flexibility as he tries to make things easier for everyone.

When Garrett Ward isn’t on the job, he enjoys spending time with his family and their four dogs.

After more than 30 years in the underground utility business, Mike Thilmony has a wealth of knowledge. Because he has worked on the equipment side of the business, he knows how to recommend the right application for each client. As a sales professional, he believes that taking care of the customer is top priority — and Mike makes stellar customer service happen differently every day. One day, Mike may be out selling and servicing customers, and the next day, he will be delivering orders. Customers appreciate Mike’s responsible expertise — if he says something, he will always get the job done right.

If customer service is number one, then teamwork is a close second to Mike Thilmony, and he’s a valuable team player at TCS. When Mike isn’t busy selling, delivering or assisting, he’s probably at home, spending time with his family.

A versatile and hardworking member of the company team, Marshall Whitesides started with Tarheel Contractors Supply part time in 2008 during high school summer breaks. He transitioned to sales after he graduated Clemson University in 2014. Besides selling, Marshall assists other team members, prepares quotes, orders and delivers material, schedules trips and provides field support. Energetic and never idle, Marshall is always available to answer customer questions, helping them find and use the right product for the job. You can also find him juggling phone calls, processing shipments, loading orders, or answering phone calls on his lunch hour. And when he’s not juggling, he’s always looking for something to fix or improve. Customers and co-workers appreciate Marshall’s honest, positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.

In his free time, Marshall enjoys hunting, fishing and working on projects around the house.

Having worked in both inside and outside sales, Will has the essential deep product knowledge that customers need over the phone, but also the essential skills to build good customer relationships face to face. Versatile and accommodating, Will does what it takes to educate, serve and supply customers to keep them happy. Every day is different for Will because one day he will be loading trucks to answering calls and the next day he will be offering a walk-in customer technical, hands-on help. Will loves his job and serves his team like a family member, graciously assisting wherever it’s needed most. He brings a willing spirit and fun personality to the team at TCS and doesn’t mind being the go-to-guy when a task opens up. Whether a customer calls in or walks in to TCS, Will is here to serve with excellence.

In his free time, Will enjoys spending time with his sons and assisting them in any sport or project that they may be participating in.

On weekends, Harold likes to golf, fish, cook and enjoy time with family and friends.

Take a multi-faceted skill set, combine it with out-of-the-box thinking, add experience and training and you have Michael Casey. A 15 year veteran at the company, Michael’s previous job as a machinist and CNC programmer gave him a technical edge, and his work in sales gave him deep product knowledge. All this serves him well in his present job description — which includes almost everything. A driven problem solver, Michael may spend a typical day confirming schedules, ordering inventory, and offering technical field support. And that’s just his desk job. He also meets with vendors, delivers products, assists staff members and organizes the facility for optimum performance. Analytical to the core, Michael also enjoys refining company strategy, evaluating financials and considering ways to improve customer service. Michael is grateful for the mentorship he has received from company owner and CEO Harold Peeples, and he feels lucky to have a career that he loves.

When he’s not at work, Michael Casey likes to do something different — like relax. His other interests include watching documentaries, spending time with family, experimenting with gadgets and enjoying outdoor sports.

Managing a dynamic team of outside sales professionals, David Tucker is an important part of the success quotient at TCS. David and his team cover their five state region with superior service, offering added insight and information even after the sale. David’s years of previous sales experience providing earth-engaging equipment helped him craft an effective customer service model — one that helps both his team and his customers stay happy. Armed with a persistent work ethic, a positive attitude and a sense of humor, David’s typical days include customer service, sales calls, and making deliveries. He always gives his best for the customer and the success of the team.

When David Tucker isn’t working hard, boosting team morale and looking out for his customer’s best interests, you might find him working in the yard, cooking and spending time with family.

As the owner and CEO of Tarheel Contractors Supply, Harold Peeples brings 40 years of management expertise, industry knowledge and team-building savvy to make TCS top-rated in its field. By providing wise direction, Harold continually strives to coordinate the talents of his team to create an efficient and effective company. Energetic and focused, Harold has built a reputation of trust and value for every customer and employee. His experience with large corporations since 1972, combined with sound financial judgment has gifted TCS with a 15.4% annual growth rate. Under Harold’s leadership, TCS has morphed from seven to 21 employees working in two locations, delivering exceptional service to their customers. “If it is humanly possible, I will provide the customer what they need, when they need it, where they need it at a fair value.”

On weekends, Harold likes to golf, fish, cook and enjoy time with family and friends.