20″ Barrel Stabilizer

Keep your bore centralized on multiple pass reams while packing and stabilizing the hole. Borzall Barrel stabilizers features internal baffles to reduce weight from drilling fluid and bi-directional for push or pull use. This drilling reamers barrel stabilizer also minimizes hole collapse by using replaceable forward-facing nozzles to provide fluid without jetting out hole walls. Learn more and buy a Borzall barrel stabilizer, today!

  • The key component of a successful large diameter project
  • Centers reamer to create a round hole in all soil conditions
  • Can be customized to be used with a variety of reamers and soil types
  • Holds drill rod, reamer, and product pipe on center to create a round hole and successful bore
  • “Floating” water free body for weight reduction
  • Front and rear water ports clear-cutters and wash away cuttings
  • Hardfacing on high wear areas extend reamer life
  • Conical carbide cutters minimize wear on the blade edges and face

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