3 1/4″ SD Side-load, Thread-on Housing

The Thread-on SD Housings are compatible with the patented FastBack® Direct Pullback System. These housings are heat-treated with chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel just as our bolt-on transmitter housings. The Box by box design provides unmatched versatility and value so you can use your Eagle Claw SD, Iron Fist or bolt-on blades (using a bit body) with one housing. The stainless steel timing mechanism makes clocking the transmitter to the bit a cinch. The straight-through gun-drilled fluid ports make the transmitter housing easy to clean.

  • Precisely-placed lid slots for signal strength
  • Heat-treated, alloy steel for maximum strength
  • Large lid tabs to lock into place
  • Fastream compatible for use with the Fastback System
  • Newly-designed and more compact dual SuperNozzles
  • Shock-absorbing internal rubber bumpers in sonde cavity
  • Shock-absorbing rubber bumpers in the lid
  • Chunky hardfacing on high-wear areas
  • Integrated supplemental MudBoostTM port for extra fluid flow
  • LidLock roll pin keeps the lid securely in place
  • Pit Bull blade locking feature (bolt-on only)
  • Enlarged water intake for enhanced SuperNozzle flow
  • Engraved lid part number in sonde cavity
  • Chamfered and Radiused edges for easy lid removal
  • Versatile housings can be used with Eagle Claw, Iron Fist, or Bolt-On Bit Bodies
  • Simple timing mechanism on all 3625, 3627, 3632, thread-on style housings
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