3.5″ Steep Taper Ultrabit (5 Hole)

With the Steep Taper Ultrabit, you will be able to steer through difficult ground conditions without locking up. This premium taper bit can slice through cemented cobble, hard-packed soils, and softer shales, making it one of our most versatile HDD blades available. You’ll be able to keep a firm grip on the job with this aggressive taper bit front and contoured steel surface, featuring chunky carbide wear. Now available with dome carbides the Steep Taper Ultrabit will let you blaze through cobbles without missing a beat.

  • Center point tooth for easier penetration
  • Carbide cutter blocks set at an aggressive angle to get through cobbles
  • Weld bead is reinforced with hardfacing to increase bit life
  • Chunky carbide hardfacing the entire length of the blade for maximum tool life
  • Low-profile, tapered design to minimize torque-stealing drag
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