30″ Ogre Reamer

Perfect for both caliche and cobble ground conditions the Ogre reamer is unquestionably the best reamer on the market for faster, smoother cutting and unsurpassed durability in hard rock conditions. The ogre reamer has a built-in pulling swivel and the most cutters & teeth than any other Ogre reamer in its class. With each blade welded to itself from the inside, outside and the shaft, the Ogre reamer creates an overwhelming amount of power, making even the most difficult job seem easy. Purchase this highly durable and versatile drilling reamer today!

  • Now available with built-in pulling swivels
  • Ideal for cobbles, shale, river rock, glacial til and hardpan
  • More cutters than any other reamer in its class
  • Carbide blocks prevent the shaft from wearing directly in front of the reamer body
  • Each cutter takes off only 1/4″ more soil than the previous stage resulting in a smooth, efficient cutting action
  • Slow taper and deep spiraled fluting combine to give the Ogre maximum mixing and pumping
  • Angled fluid jets shoot water opposite the reamer rotation to keep carbides clear of debris
  • Hardfacing on all wear areas
  • Curved, hard-faced back-up blades for added wear resistance during pushbacks
  • Deep flutes carry away cuttings
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