5 Ton Deluxe DUB Fluted Reamer Swivel

The value and features of Valu-DUB swivel were made for fluted reamer setups, resulting in a compact overall backreamer length. This high-quality fluted reamer swivel is also designed specifically for HDD conditions. The perfect addition to your Juggernaut fluted reamer, this fluted reamer swivel is self-contained and is greaseable for a long life. Purchase this highly compatible and highly durable HDD swivel for your next project, today!

  • Deluxe bearings can handle tensile, compressive and side loads
  • Intricate quad-stage seal system designed specifically for HDD conditions
  • Totally self-contained and greaseable for a long life with your Juggernaut Fluted Reamer
  • Hard-facing around the face of flange minimizes wear at the head of the bolts
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Pocket Swivels for Fluted Juggernaut
Pullback CapacityJuggernaut Size
4.25 ton00503-604-44M00503-604-45M
10 ton00503-610-45M
Pocket Swivels for Fluted Juggernaut Pullback Capacity 4.25 ton
Juggernaut Size 4"-6" 00503-604-44M
8" 00503-604-45M
Pocket Swivels for Fluted Juggernaut Pullback Capacity 10 ton
Juggernaut Size 4"-6"
8" 00503-610-45M