16″ Shredder Reamer

No need to break the bank when you can use this powerful but economical reaming machine in the sand with cobbles, sandstone, and hardpan. Open wide because the Shredder has a mouth full of carbide tipped shark teeth to crunch through tough ground conditions any day of the week.

  • Ideal for sand with cobbles, sandstone, and hardpan
  • More cutter teeth than any other similar reamer
  • Carbide tipped shark teeth efficiently rip through tough ground conditions
  • Gradual taper of blades lessens torque requirement
  • Drilling fluid is channeled out through the blades, as well as the shaft
  • Backup cutters make push-backs a breeze
  • Integrated “spider” support and stabilizer ring built into Shredders 18″ and larger

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